The Smurfs 2 – Nintendo Wii U


The Smurfs 2 – Nintendo Wii U


The highly anticipated family comedy The Smurfs 2 is now a video game. The evil wizard Gargamel has created the Naughties, who kidnap Smurfette from Smurfs Village and imprison her in Paris. It’s now up to the Smurfs to travel from the Enchanted Forest, through the busy streets of New York, into Paris and everywhere in between to save the day and bring Smurfette home safe.

Product Features

Four-Player Co-op: Play with four players on the screen simultaneously and jump in and jump out seamlessly

Play as Your Favorite Smurf: Become your favorite Smurf to help bring Smurfette home

The Right Smurf for the Right Job: Mix and match the Smurfs you play as — Papa can freeze enemies with his magical potions and Vanity can strike a pose to become a temporary platform to reach new heights

Six Worlds to Explore: From the Enchanted Forest to the Spooky Woods, through the streets of New York, to the majestic city of Paris and everywhere in between

Only on Wii U: Add a fifth, exclusive Smurf — Clockwork Smurf — to the mix via the Wii U GamePad

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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