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Pulse Sonic Electric Scooter 13 Mph


Only 1 left in stock



Only 1 left in stock

Pulse Sonic Electric Scooter 13 Mph


The Pulse Performance Product Sonic Electric Scooter is a Full-Featured XL Roadster with All the Oomph and None of the Blah

It doesn’t take much to kick off the fun with the Pulse Performance Product Sonic Electric Scooter. This eye-catching scooter with 150 Watts of Sonic power and a 24V battery to boot was made to redefine your child’s understanding of speed. Even though it doesn’t go higher than 13 mph, to your little daredevil behind the handles, it will seem like he or she is going at supersonic speeds, whizzing past your neighbors and traveling across the world, even though a 10-mile distance is all this scooter can and should ever handle. Fret not! There’s only so far your child can wander off in the 40 minutes it takes for the battery to run out, but thanks to the battery charger provided, you can always rest assured your fearless adventurer will be coming back for a refill.

With its power indicator, sturdy steel frame, hand controlled throttle, Pulse Performance wheels and reliable battery, the Sonic Electric Scooter is bound to be your teenager’s trusty companion on some of the most exciting and daring adventures the neighborhood can dish out. Just remember to always have protection gear ready and plenty of patience for the SLA battery to recharge.

Key features

  • Assembly: Assembly Required
  • Drive Type: Chain
  • Number of Wheels: 2
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Age: 13+
  • Rider weight up to 150 pounds

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