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PS2 Eyetoy: Operation Spy PS2


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New Sony Playstation 2 Eyetoy Operation Spy Camera Based Game PS2 PS3 Face Detec

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Designed for the EyeToy camera accessory, required for play not included. SpyToy offers a variety of ‘Surveillance Modes’ that makes for a fun security system. With new ‘face-recognition’ technology, SpyToy allows you to create unique profiles that you, and only you, can unlock! Monitor who goes in and out of your room and leave a personalised alarm for that sibling who’s always ‘borrowing’ your personal things. Make video and audio recordings of the evidence that you can later store onto Memory Card. As well as surveillance, SpyToy also offers a suite of games, all themed around and inspired by the world of espionage. Players will have to negotiate missions where they will need to use photo fit, break codes, sky dive, disarm bombs and zoom into locations via satellite to try and uncover a criminal mastermind intent on taking over the world!


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