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POWER A PS3 ProEX Wired Controller


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POWER A PS3 ProEX Wired Controller

Immerse in the experience of gaming with the POWER A ProEX Wired Controller. Featuring an exclusive ergonomic design in a corded controller, the PS3 game controller gives gamers an edge. With dual rumble motors to create rumbling sound effects at some interesting points in the game, and reverse analog sticks to prevent cramping during extended gaming sessions, the PS3 corded controller provides precision game control. Armed with custom designed R2 and L2 buttons, the controller offers improved gameplay and comfort. You can easily play the game in the dark as the buttons are LED-illuminated. The PS3 wired controller features textured rubber grips that are not damaged by sweaty palms, and the palm handles are expanded to improve your grip.

POWER A ProEX Wired Controller


  • Reverse analog sticks for precision game control
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Custom designed R2 and L2 buttons
  • Glowing action buttons
  • Custom textured grips
  • Cable length: 10′
  • Color: Black


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