Nintendo DS Deal Or No Game Deal Video Game


New Nintendo DS Lite Deal Or No Game Deal DSI I XL


26 briefcases, each with a different amount are here to tempt you in the exciting Deal or No Deal video game for the Nintendo DS. Initially, you will have to choose a briefcase which may contain prize money in the range of $.01 to $1,000,000 in this Nintendo DS game. In the next three rounds, you will then have to open the remaining boxes. Depending upon the remaining amount, the banker in this TV trivia game will propose you a deal. You can either choose to accept the deal in this Nintendo DS game or go ahead with your chosen boxes. In single player mode, you will be able to play the classic TV Game, Vault Game and High Low game in this TV trivia game. You can also play Head to Head or Best Deal game in two-player mode in the Deal or No Deal game to make it more exciting.Rating: E – EveryoneTHIS GAME WILL PLAY ON ANY DS SYSTEM INCLUDING THE DS, DS LITE, AND DSi OR DSi XL, 2DS AND 3DS OLY IN 2D. GAME ONLY NO GAME SYSTEM INCLUDED.

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