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Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic Interactive RC Robot with Artificial Intelligence


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Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic Interactive RC Robot with Artificial Intelligence


From the internationally renowned maker of robotics building sets arises a new model of impressive proportions. Unlike anything else Meccano has created, M.A.X. combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customizable programming. The result is a one-of-a-kind robot of your own creation! Budding engineers, innovators and creators can expand their knowledge of programming as they personalize this robot to their specifications. Once built, M.A.X measures 12 in tall. Control it using voice commands, buttons on the MeccaBrain, or the free app! Youll know exactly what its thinking based on its expressive facial graphics. As a S.T.E.M robotics platform, M.A.X is designed to engage kids in intellectually stimulating play, drawing on their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math. Not just a learning tool, this robot loves fun! Try playing on M.A.Xs built-in gaming platform; test your knowledge in a trivia game or listen to some funny jokes! With a multitude of features, kids will want to bring their new friend everywhere! This robot comes with built-in infrared sensors, enabling it to move with agility and avoid obstacles in its path. If you know a young mind in need of a challenge, introduce them to their new friend, M.A.X!

  • The future is here and its ready to play! Meet M.A.X, the 12 tall advanced robot featuring both artificial intelligence and customizable programming.
  • M.A.X comes with built-in infrared sensors, to help it sense obstacles and navigate surfaces as it rolls around on sturdy smart wheels.
  • Challenge young minds with this S.T.E.M robotics toy. Perfect for budding engineers, builders and visionaries, M.A.X requires kids to engage in critical thinking.
  • M.A.X is a robotics toy recommended for kids aged 10+. Intermediate complexity level. Build time of 1-3 hours.

Meccano M.A.X.

  • Meccano M.A.X. Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence

    The Future is Here and It’s Ready to Play!
    Meet M.A.X., a 12-inch tall advanced robot packed with a multitude of fun, educational features. Designed for budding engineers and tinkerers aged 10 years and older, this robot-building kit offers a challenging yet rewarding build consisting of 332 parts. Once he’s assembled, M.A.X. functions as a friendly robot companion and personal assistant. He engages kids in conversation, learns from every interaction, remembers important dates, and more. He even features a built-in gaming platform. Customizable programming allows kids to personalize M.A.X. to meet their own specifications so that every assembled M.A.X. robot is truly one of a kind. And like all Meccano kits, M.A.X. can be reassembled into a huge variety of other robotics toys.

  • A Robot with an Inquisitive Personality

    Once built, M.A.X. can talk with kids and respond to commands with funny quips, expressive facial graphics, and animations. Equipped with AI learning, the robot actively discovers new things about his human friends and the world around him, becoming more intelligent with every interaction. Advanced AI enables M.A.X. to plot and plan instead of just mimic. He can learn to tell jokes, sing songs, and greet friends. Customizable programming opens up even more options: kids can program M.A.X. to remind them of important events, guard their room, and much more as they learn the fundamentals of programming.
  • Robotics Kit Provides a Fun, Challenging Build

    This Meccano robot-building kit brings children and parents together for a challenging yet stimulating build that yields an enormous sense of accomplishment upon completion. The kit has an intermediate difficulty level and comes with 332 pieces, including specialized parts such as the M.A.X. brain module. Kids will learn as they identify the function of each component. The experience of building and programming M.A.X. can help cultivate a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  • A Wealth of Interactive Features

    M.A.X. delivers near-endless opportunities for interactive fun. He will ask kids trivia questions, challenging their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). A built-in gaming platform provides another way to engage with this Meccano robot. The more kids play with M.A.X., the more games they can unlock.
  • A Versatile, High-Tech Construction Set

    The M.A.X. robotics kit comes with several high-tech components, including built-in infrared sensors that allow M.A.X. to sense obstacles and navigate surfaces as he rolls around on his sturdy wheels. The pieces included in this kit can also be used to construct a smart rover, a tele-presence robot, or whatever else kids can imagine.
  • What’s In The Box:

    • 332 Parts
    • 1 AC/DC wall mount charger (10.4W)
    • 1 rechargeable Ni-MH battery 1800 mAh
    • 2 hand tools, 1 sticker sheet
    • 1 Instruction sheet for 1 model
    • 1 M.A.X. brain module
    • 1 IR sensor module
    • 2 smart motor modules
    • 1 LED module
    • 1 x 3 kgs Servo
    • 1 x 1.9 kgs micro Servo
    • 1 USB cable
  • About Meccano

    For over a century, Meccano has been a leading producer of imaginative construction sets for children. The company arose from humble origins in 1898, when English inventor Frank Hornby conceived of the first Meccano construction kit for his sons. In 1913, an American company called Erector began manufacturing a similar toy, the Erector Set. Today, the two companies have united under a single, internationally renowned name–Meccano–and remain committed to empowering the next generation of makers. From basic mechanics to high-tech robotics and programming, Meccano products can inspire the imagination and help foster a lifelong enthusiasm for STEM learning.
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