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Play your favorite quiz game show in the comfort of your living room on Jeopardy!The Game a Wii 2000 based game Up to three people can compete with each other in this Nintendo Wii game. The Wii remote controller can be used for ringing in or answering or you can use Wii Speak to verbally answer questions in this quiz video game. The Clue Crew makes special appearances during the game with clues and you can even unlock outfits for your Mii character during commercial break mini-games. Three rounds of Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy!, and final Jeopardy! test you on 2,400 categories in this Nintendo Wii game. Based on a number-two syndicated game show, this quiz video game features the voices of host Alex Trebek, announcer Johnny Gilbert, and Clue Crew Kelly Miyahara, with Trebek and Miyahara in a Mii-like big-head form. Authentic sets complete with lights, cameras, and audience, only add to the fun of playing Jeopardy! – The Game.

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