Imagine Resort Owner Nintendo DS


New Nintendo DS Lite DSI I XL Imagine Resort Owner Exotic Island Simulation 3DS


Imagine Resort Owner Nintendo DS

In Imagine Resort Owner, playerers can build and run their own dream resort on an exotic island and help it become an incredible destination. Players can throw parties, organize events, hire employees, and choose which foods to serve customers. Players can even play beach sports with VIP customers. Customize the resort with beach areas, fun activities and a variety of accessories to build it up to a 4-diamond resort!Game Special Features    Design and own a dream resort on an exotic island — Players can progressively expand their resort with amazing suites and beach areas to reach a 4-diamond-standing. They can customize it to make it however they want it to be, and build facilities to offer fantastic activities, like water-skiing, beach volleyball, paragliding and more!Become a successful resort manager — Players must ensure rooms are prepared and spotless for each guest’s arrival. They can choose which food dishes to serve in their restaurant, as well as hire and manage employees in all areas of their resort depending on their needs.Plan parties and play fun beach activities with your VIP customers! — Players can play fun beach sport mini-games and offer thrilling activities based on their customers’ preferences. Throw amazing parties and perform unexpected and fun requests to entertain vacationers and VIP customers.Nintendo DSi feature: — Players can use the Nintendo DSi Camera to color and paint the hotel rooms by finding the perfect matching colors in their own environments.Rating: E – Everyone ESRB Descriptor: Comic Mischief Number of Players: 1

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