Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational PS Vita



Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational PS Vita


You may be a maverick on your local golf course — but how will you stack up against the global competition when the action of the course appears at your fingertips in an all-new way? Test the wind, assess the hills and valleys and keep your eye on the flag — the triumphs and defeats of the fairway are more realistic than ever as the wildest, most thrilling golfing franchise sinks into the innovative, touch-controlled PlayStation Vita for the first time. Faced with tons of players on the course, environmental obstacles and a swinging system that picks up your every talent — and flaw — can you prove yourself to be a true Hot Shot?

Tee up for nonstop competition against friends and bitter rivals in Hot Shots Golf — the one golf club that never closes. Drawing you deeper than ever into the social climate of the green, Hot Shots keeps you connected to your fellow swingers 24/7 with opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous competitions any time of the day or night. Sometimes you like to be on the course solo, but in LiveArea, more is the merrier, as you gather up to 50 players on one hole for the most outlandish golf round you’ve ever seen. As you aim for the top of the leaderboards, take advantage of the PlayStation Vita’s cutting-edge controls to lower your score. The right planning can make the difference between an extra stroke from the rough and a game-winning putt on the green. Prepare for the hole ahead by tapping into the unique front and back touch panel controls to get the low-down on the upcoming challenges. When you tee up, be sure that you swing with care, as the new shot system with evolved swing mechanics accurately translates your hit, slice or duff for a realistic result on the fairway.

Product Features

Perfect your swing for a round of over-the-top golf like you’ve never experienced before as the wacky golf franchise hits the PlayStation Vita (system not included)

Drive, pitch and putt your way from the tee to the green with more precision than ever before thanks to the PlayStation Vita-specific functions and innovative controls

Tap into the unique front and back touch panel controls to access all the information you need to prepare for the next shot

Experience the joy or despair of each swing as every hit, slice or duff is accurately and realistically translated to the screen thanks to the new shot system with evolved swing mechanics

Recruit up to 50 players to join the competition on one hole using LiveArea, and enjoy the wildest round of golf yet

Swing your way to the top of the charts and keep an eye on your friends’ scores as you connect to the online leaderboards

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