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Hatchimals Pengualas Egg One of Two Magical Creatures Inside


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Hatchimals Pengualas Egg One of Two Magical Creatures Inside

Warning: Choking Hazard Children under 3 yrs - small parts

Hatchimals Pengualas Egg

Thump, thump. That’s the sound of a heartbeat coming from the cute creature inside the Hatchimals Pengualas Egg in Pink. The Hatchimal needs your help to hatch and later grow up into a kid. You must first play with the egg by tapping on or flipping it. When the time comes, a pair of glowing rainbow eyes will peer out from within the shell, letting you know it’s time to hatch. Maintain contact with the egg as your Hatchimal pecks out of the shell. Now, you can focus on raising your new furry friend through three different stages, including baby, toddler and kid. You can even teach your Hatchimal to walk, dance and repeat what you say. The surprise is in the egg. What will you discover?

Product Highlights

  • Place your ear to the egg and listen to your Hatchimal’s lively heartbeat
  • Tap or flip the egg to elicit a response from the Hatchimal, such as glowing eyes, cute sounds and tapping back
  • Rainbow eyes indicate that your furry friend is ready to hatch
  • Your Hatchimal creature will really peck its way out of the shell as you touch the egg
  • Once out of the shell, the Hatchimal advances through three stages, including baby, toddler and kid
  • Sings “Hatchy Birthday” as it enters each new stage
  • Teach your friend to walk, talk, dance, play games, repeat what you say and more for engaging fun
  • Hatches one of two interactive Hatchimals
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and older

What’s Included

  • Hatchimals Pengualas Egg – Pink
  • Instruction booklet
  • Reference guide
  • Two AA LR6 batteries
Alive and well
Can you hear it? That’s the sound of the Hatchimal’s heart beating inside the egg. Go ahead, put your ear to it and listen!
What’s in there?
Flip or tap on the egg’s surface to ignite the glowing eyes. Your Hatchimal will even make cute sounds and tap back from within the shell.
It needs your help
Do you see that? The rainbow eyes are letting you know it’s time for your Hatchimal to hatch, but it can’t do it alone. Touch the shell to coax your little friend out of the egg and into the world.
Your new best friend
Give your new Hatchimal a cute name and help it grow through three stages – baby, toddler and kid. Every time your Hatchimal evolves, it sings “Hatchy Birthday.” Along the way, you can teach your loveable creature how to walk, talk, play games and more.
It’s a mystery
One of two interactive Hatchimals is concealed within each egg, so you never know which one you will get! See if you can hatch both for even more Pengualas fun (additional eggs sold separately).

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