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Fashion Design Plates Barbie Doll


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Only 1 left in stock

Fashion Design Plates Barbie Doll


It’s easy to create fabulous looks for Barbie doll — just design, swipe, and decorate! Perfect for aspiring designers, this glam play set comes with dresses, fashion plates, markers, stickers, and more for customizing the ultimate Barbie outfits! Create one-of-a kind looks for Barbie!


  • Choose a bodice, torso, and skirt for the dress
  • Fashion plates are two-sided and designed to align
  • Transfer your selections onto the dress with the charcoal paper and tool
  • Use color markers and sparkly stickers to add final touches
  • Accessorize your completed look with the included jewelry, handbag, and shoes
  • Lots of creative, imaginative playtime for your daughter!

Your Daughter Can Design Fab Dresses for Barbie!
Your aspiring fashion designer can create closetfuls of gorgeous looks for Barbie doll! Select fashion plates for the bodice, torso, and skirt of each dress. Snap your picks onto the base unit along with one of the three design-ready dresses and a piece of charcoal paper. Use the included swiping tool to transfer the designs onto the dress. Then remove the fashion and finesse the finished look with markers, stickers, and more!

Customize the Look for Different Occasions
Girls can choose from three fitted dresses to decorate — a one-shoulder look or two strapped dresses in different shades of pink! Plus, the six double-sided fashion plates feature various patterns and accents, so you can mix ’n match your trendy designs. Make the look sleek and sophisticated or flouncy and fun — or totally glam it up with bows, ruffles, and lace!

Add the Fiercest Final Touches
Complete your design with fabulous colors and accents! Decorate with the three markers (purple, blue, and pink — of course!) and add sparkly stickers featuring flowers, hearts, and bows. So pretty! Plus, you can accessorize your chic ensemble with a silvery statement necklace, bracelet, handbag, and pink shoes with ruffly ankle straps. Now Barbie doll is ready to step out in style — wearing your amazing design!

What’s in the box?
Barbie doll comes with six double-sided fashion plates, three dresses to design, three markers, one sticker sheet, three sheets of charcoal paper, one tool, and one base unit. All the tools needed to be an aspiring fashion designer. Dimensions: 2.5 x 10 x 12.8 inches.
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