Catch My Drift?!? BOARD Game


Catch My Drift?!? BOARD Game


Catch My Drift. is a creative way to test your knowledge of the verbiage most commonly used in the pop and hip hop culture, This comical and captivating game is perfect for any occasion social event or gathering, Stay up-to-date on today’s lingo while at the same time enjoying a hilarious and imaginative language cherades game, Anyone can play! Teenagers college students and adults bring your ‘A’ game to the party as you compete in Catch My Drift., The slang word for house is crib and you are given only a short period of time to act out use gestures or say ‘gaga goo goo’ before the rival team gets a chance to guess your card, Put your slanguage skillz in action use your creative skills as ammunition in the mind blowing war of Catch my Drift., Object of the game: To test your knowledge of slang, This game will school you as it tests your present skills in the hip-hop and pop culture language, Using well known cherades techniques players guess the answers to questions, One example: How do you get your teammates to guess the slang word for house without using the four violation words (baby sleep bassinet or infant) which cause your team to lose points if spoken, Recommended Ages: Ages 12+

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in

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