Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition for Nintendo Wii U



Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition for Nintendo Wii U

When night falls on Gotham and the seedy undergrowth of the city emerges, Batman is there waiting. Ever vigilant, the Dark Knight monitors the city he protects from high above the gritty streets. No one knows his deepest secret — except Dr. Hugo Strange. With Gotham’s criminally insane, vile villains and insidious characters confined within the walls of Arkham City, Batman must fight to ensure his true identity remains hidden from the citizens he vows to protect.

Soar inside the heavily fortified walls of Gotham’s new maximum security home as the Dark Knight in Batman: Arkham City. This epic world is home to the city’s most devious and dangerous criminals. Glide, soar and grapple through the City as you engage in hand-to-hand combat against enemies or take advantage of Batman’s trademark stealth maneuvers. Experience the intense, gritty atmosphere with a brand-new storyline that brings together a new all-star cast of classic characters and menacing murderers from the Batman universe. Put on the cowl and cape of The World’s Greatest Detective in an all-new way with this Armored Edition for the Nintendo Wii U. Put on the upgraded suit and dole out devastating justice during combat and constantly know where your next opponent is coming from with the new Battle Armored Tech (B.A.T.) mode for both Batman and Catwoman. Use your Wii U controller’s touch screen to utilize the Dark Knight’s redesigned, wrist-mounted Batcomputer, which allows you to choose your gadget, track evidence, upgrade your gear, set and detonate explosive gel and more. Dive into the action with re-imagined gadgets that fully harness the power of the Wii U controller. Expand the exciting gameplay of Arkham City with the Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition content that was previously only available as downloadable content, including theCatwoman PackRobin Bundle PackNightwing Bundle PackArkham City Skins PackChallenge Map Pack and Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack.


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