AIR Hogs Heli Replay R/C Helicopter Android Apple app


AIR Hogs Heli Replay R/C Helicopter Android Apple app

Fly, Record and Play Back Your Flight Path With Air Hogs Heli Black Blue

Air Hogs Heli Replay Asst Black Silver Blue gives you 3 ways to fly, you control the aerial action. Choose between a remote control or download the free Flight Control App and start flying straight from your Smartphone. Use onscreen controls to fly the Replay, or activate the accelerometer and tilt your phone in the direction you want to fly! The onboard electronic control system automatically prevents unstable movement, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and precise flight experience. Master the art of flight and replay it time and time again with the Air Hogs Heli Replay!

Air Hogs Heli Black Blue features Gyroscopic Stabilized Flight Technology. It even has flight memory so you can record your flight path and play it back. There’s also a FREE flight control application download.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 in

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